Sunday 26th May 2013 - Married for 2155 days

Transport & Travel

So we have very helpfully picked a remote spot to marry. Hurray I hear you say! Hopefully you will find this gorgeous spot well worth the effort. We heartedly recommend a stop at Pitlochry on your way to the venue. A gorgeous wee town hugging the loch, built by the Campbell's (my mother's clan). The picturesque castle and prison is worth a look.

Glasgow is the closest main airport to Lunga House. Please see some flight time details below. Prices will be cheaper the earlier you book.

Travelling by Car

Enter your postcode into the boxes below to get driving directions to the various venues.

Please do register yourself on our lift sharing page
, so that you can share the journey with other guests.


Plane: Flights to Glasgow airport. Driving times to the wedding from airport are 2 1/4 hrs.

B.A and Easyjet are the main airlines flying from Gatwick to Glasgow.
Sky scanner is a good website and you can mix your carriers up and back if required.

Flights I found are below. All are Gatwick to Glasgow
Easy jet price, £92
Sat 25th 7am dep. 8.30 arr. Or dep Gatwick at 1.30pm, arr 3pm
Monday 27th (bank holiday) 1.30pm, arr 3pm

B.A £122 on sky's canner website
LGW 11.25 dep, arr 12.45
GLA 1.20 dep, arr 2.40pm
B.A have various departure times and you can mix your airlines up and back.

Please bear in mind it's around 2.5 hours to the venue so the earlier flights will maximise your time.

Hope this helps, let me know if you spy a sale or see something cheaper!

Train:Trains to Glasgow or Oban