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Wedding update December 2012 - 16/12/12 - 9:00pm

Well as Christmas is nearly upon us we are continuing to sort out some aspects for the wedding. The DRESS has been bought. After many panicky moments and trying to stuff myself into various dresses, dress number 33, which I nearly declined on to try, was a winner. This had everything to do with the corset that smooths, sucks and finds the reluctant waist. I just dont think I will be able to sit down much:>

The girls have their dresses also and are looking gorgeous.

The actual wedding invites will be going out in January, so we look forward to your RSVP's. It would be greatly appreciated if people forward their postal addresses to either John or I so we can be sure we have your most recent address.

John is starting to think about kilts. Well those that know him well, will be well aware of his love for abit of dress up!

There will be many staying up in the village after the wedding so the socialising will continue on for the week. Which will be just amazing, especially seeing so many of our overseas family and friends over such a long period of time in a gorgeous, special place. 

People are booking accommodation now so do take the time to look at our accommodation page to see where your going to stay. It would be great if people could note on the site where they have booked so others will know what has gone already.

Equally we are keen to encourage lift sharing amongst those that might have room in their car. Especially for those looking for transport from Glasgow to Lunga. So please do put your name down on the lift sharing page if you might have room in your car and want someone to contribute to your petrol/hire costs.

Booking flights in advance will bag you the cheapest deal. Easyjet and BA are the main carriers.

That just leaves me to say, have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all next year.x


John and Shari's wedding 1st update - 20/07/12 - 10:04pm

So here is our first entry!  We will update this site with information with useful and some frivolous information as time goes on. So do please check back as things will change and a polaroid photo. (for the digital age kids this was as an instant photo that developed in front of your eyes, a wow in the 70's!). 

We will update the profiles on some of the attendees, so check up on who you might be sat with. Most importantly have a look at the accommodation list so you can consider where you might be laying your sleepy head.



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