Sunday 26th May 2013 - Married for 2155 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Please have a look at some of the family and friends who will be coming. We have covered a selection of people, mostly those who may not be well known to all and some of the family members. More will be added as time goes on, so do have a read and become acquainted with your fellow revellers.

Our 2 beautiful daughters

Scarlett Anderson-Pace
Scarlett Anderson-PaceI am 4 years old and will be 5 when Mummy and Daddy get married. I will be very excited as castles, princesses, eating scrummy cakes and parties, well it doesn't get any better than that does it?! :)
Elise Anderson-Pace
Elise Anderson-PaceMy Mummy and Daddy are getting married and I will be really excited because I will be two and a half and extra cute. I will love running around with all my friends, dancing, eating cake and having fun!...and eating more cake...

Pace Clan
Some of the Pace family

Peter Pace (dad)
Peter Pace (dad)John's Dad. Ex tabloid Sports Editor and came up with the famous Sun back page headline of "Swedes 1, Turnips 0". England football manager Graham Taylor is now his best friend!
Jane Pace
Jane Pace John's mum. Keen gardener, golfer and bridge player. Lovely lady. One glass of wine and she is away!
Rob Wade (Uncle Rob)
Rob Wade (Uncle Rob)Robert is a diehard Leicester City football supporter and has spent his whole life willing them into the premiership!! Other interests include music, comedy, the shrewsbury flower show and caravans (he will be in one for the wedding with his wife Cally). Rob has been a great uncle through the years.

Anderson Clan
Some of the Anderson clan

Elaine Anderson
Elaine AndersonSister of the bride. Fabulous, helpful, glamourous sister (yes she is the older one) who will be loving the whole gig and up for the party!
Hayden Gammage
Hayden GammageSon of Emma and Paul Gammage and Elise and Scarlett's cousin and partner in crime:) funny, cute and lively, you are bound to see Hayden throwing some moves on the dance floor and hold onto your kilts in case all is revealed!
James Gammage
James GammageSharons Nephew. Lives on bake beans and champagne (the finest!)

Old Friends
Friends from right back in the day

Julie Bourne
Julie BourneWhat can I say 'Me Julie'!, dance floor diva from Sydney days. She's the funny blonde, who will be bustin the moves (along with her daughter on the dance floor). She is a Sales Manager at Sky living now in the Nam...Beckenham that is, with her lovely family.

Antipodean friends
Many of these are getting pretty old.. in terms of how long we have known them!

Victoria Howard
Victoria HowardWatch out for the fabulous redhead! She will be looking gorgeous and will be one of the last grooving on the dance floor! Kiwi born living in Sydney, Victoria has been a friend since the earliest days in Sydney.
Kylee Mischefski
Kylee MischefskiBeautiful mischief ski. Kiwi living in Sydney. She has been a party girl friend since the early days in Glebe, Sydney. Though we have hung out many times together in various places around the world. Make sure you share a vino with Kylee.
Brian Nagle
Brian NagleThe wise and thoughtful Irish Gent. Brian and I worked together in Sydney, where we had a wee chuckle at some of the antics of the characters we worked with. He worked as a professional punter for 12 years, travelling the world, advising his millionaire friend which horses to bet on. Still a big lover of the horses, a lover of literature, philosophy, a dry wit.
Dan Wilton
Dan WiltonDan, the beardy man from Hobbiton New Zealand. Dan lives in Wellywood New Zealand and worked with John and I at New Zealand Post. Now he is just a film star and enduring funny man. Watch out for the beard when Dan acts as our MC at the wedding. He's a love! :>
Jon Button
Jon ButtonGreat friend from NZ Wellington days. I've known him for 10 years and never known him to stay in the same job or city for more than a year. A colorful varied career from a undercover FBI agent to a second hand car dealer!! His life story always changes and never the same story!
EmilyAussie Sydney girl!! Great effort from her to make the trip. Shy is not how i would describe Emily!

Ancient Friends
i.e. we hung out back when we were in towelling nappies

Natalie Collins
Natalie CollinsNat has been one of my best friends since age 13. We met over horses and have been 'besties' ever since, both in England and Australia. Our children are now also best friends, super cute:>
Kathryn Emms
Kathryn EmmsKath and I met at school after graffitiing the English class school table with our love of The Smiths. There were alll sorts of japes and scrapes growing up. I famously helped Kath bleach her hair 8 times in one day in her quest to become a platinum blonde. It ended up bright pink instead. She's more Kath Kidson than Kim Wild these days. The other original "bestie".

Best Men
Best Men

James Pace (bro)
James Pace (bro)John's older brother who is the 'Wheeler Dealer' of the Pace family with his fingers in all sorts of pies!!! Lives on a big farm in the country and loves to party and boggie. So please ask him for a dance!!!
Tom Mann
Tom MannTall Bloke. Best mate of John who he has known since school. They used to get up to no good at the back of the Chemistry lab.!! Top cyclist and drum player. In addition to his best man duties will be organising the music with his handy assistant Bart Simpson. Man to go to to get your song requests sorted.
Daniel Simpson
Daniel SimpsonBart Simpson is Johns best mate. Being a keen golfer like John they met hitting small white balls in holes using sticks about 20 years ago. Bart will be also assisting with the music on the night (with Tom).